About us

We are a leading producer and operator of luggage storage systems. Our products are used daily by millions of airport users, shopping malls, train stations and other mass translocation sites.

We focus on providing modern products in the form of combined luggage cabinets with self-service lockers, whose capacity and external appearance are adjusted to the individual preferences of the buyer and the conditions of the places where they will operate.

At present, our products are present, among others:

  • at the Warsaw-Okęcie Airport
  • at the ferry crossing in Świnoujście
  • on the fleet of Polish Żegluga Morska ferries
  • at several dozen railway and bus stations in Poland
  • in many foreign destinations: in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Advantages of the system for the end customer:

  • self-service, safe deposit box which does not require the client to wait his turn- it will take you around three minutes to leave/collect your luggage
  • various payment options for the service:
    • coins
    • payment cards (no anonymity)
    • tokens
  • payments can be made for no longer than a 24 hours' time- later on,  to collect your luggage, you will have to pay up the extra charge as displayed on the locker screen
  • 100% security of stored luggage without fear of theft or access to third parties
  • luggage can be also collected also in case of power failure in the locker network
  • any disturbances in the operation of a locker will not affect the proper functioning of other lockers (each locker constitutes a separate system

The durability and comfort of use of our product is guaranteed by a careful production process: the walls of the cabinets are made of 2 mm thick galvanized steel sheet; the door is 2.5 mm thick. A proprietary program aimed at serving the lockers is perfectly matched to their functions and subject to improvements on an ongoing basis.

Advantages of the system for the locker operator:

  • it is possible to combine different types of cabinets into complex strings of luggage storage systems with various dimensions
  • three payment options at the programming stage: coin payments, payment cards or tokens
  • 13,000 possible closing code combinations
  • on-line supervision over proper operation of the lockers by connecting them to the Internet network
  • a possibility of changing prices and time unit options for locker rentals (eg 2h, 10h, 24h) control is possible from a smartphone and/or a compute

If the locker key has been lost, it is not necessary to replace the lock. In such a case, the master key is used and it will open the locker concerned; after inserting a new key- the lock of the locker concerned will automatically adopt it.

World class solutions in the field of secure luggage storage systems will guarantee an improvement in the category of the facility in terms of comfort, viz. access to auxiliary services. Increased is also customer satisfaction, since the users can appreciate innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Select the new quality of your services - contact us for cooperation- welcome.